La cura Termal 

The thermal waters of Trancura tourism in Pucón come from the bosom of the earth, emerge through capture, through perforations, and due to their physical and / or chemical characteristics, they exert therapeutic effects, relieving or restoring people's health.

The curative effect is given specifically by the composition of the terrain through which the waters circulate.


Bathing in the hot springs increases the body temperature, killing germs, including viruses, it also increases the hydrostatic pressure of the body, thus increasing blood circulation and oxygenation.

This increase in temperature helps dissolve and remove toxins from the body.

By increasing oxygenation, the bath in Trancura hot springs improves the nutrition of the body's tissues in general, which is why it increases metabolism, stimulating at the same time the secretions of the digestive tract and liver, thus helping digestion.

Repeated bathing (especially in periods of 3-4 weeks) can help normalize the functions of the endocrine glands, as well as the general functioning of the body's autonomic nervous system.

There are skin diseases that can have a marked improvement by bathing in the waters of Trancura hot springs.

The diseases that benefit the most are psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal diseases.

Sometimes they also help to heal wounds and other skin lesions.