the thermal water of trancura is


Did you know that Termas Trancura are the only hot springs in Chile that draw water more than 200 meters underground? 100% natural volcanic waters.

In that depth the water currents filter through the rock between fissures   from the Liquiñe-Ofqui geological fault. The product of this is that the thermal water reaches the surface loaded with minerals that are highly beneficial for health and the body.

There is no artificial heating process, all the minerals and the temperature of the waters reach the pools directly in a natural way.


We must know about our hot springs ...

  • The thermal waters correspond to waters with a high amount of minerals that spring from the ground naturally and at a temperature that exceeds the average annual temperature of the place by 5 ° C.

  • The physical and chemical properties are directly related to its therapeutic value.

  • The pH defines the acidity of the thermal water and is directly related to its chemical composition and the temperature of the spring.

  • Conductivity is used to determine in-situ the concentration of dissolved substances in thermal waters.

  • Thermal waters can be classified according to the temperature of the upwelling zone. according to the acidity of its waters and / or according to the concentration of its major elements (sulphated, chlorinated, etc.)


  • Bicarbonate 52 mg / L

  • Fluorine 1.3 mg / L

  • Calcium 3.5 mg / L

  • Magnesium 0.5 mg / L

  • Sodium 55 mg / L

  • Potassium 1 mg / L

  • Lithium 0.04 mg / L

  • Sulfate 61 mg / L

  • Chloride 7.1 mg / L

  • Boron 0.06 mg / L


  • Temperature 34.7 ° C

  • pH 8.85

  • Conductivity 273 uS / cm